Scoping My Next Project

While taking a short break from my infrastructure work with source control, I’ve been thinking about what to build. Given that many of my woodworking tools are in storage for the New England winter, I need to keep my projects relatively small in scale and confined to what I can accomplish in my basement work area.

Speaking of which, when cleaning up that workspace earlier this week, I came across the following items that I haven’t found the right project for yet:

Parallax 2-axis Joysticks
Metal gear servos
Mechanical Robotic Clamp

The first thing that came to mind for me was, of course, a Robotic Arm!

Instructables for Well, Instructions

Next stop was on one of my favorite sites,, where I found inspiration in Arduino Robotic Arm by Biomech75. This project uses all of the parts I have on hand and the Arduino platform, which is something I’m already comfortable with using.

image credit: Biomech75 on

Next Steps

Now I have a project picked out, my next step will be to wire the circuit and then test the code provided with this Instructable. I’m excited to get started.